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  32 Responses to “How To Get An 800+ Credit Score”

  1. This is awesome–thank you! I’m in ‘repair’ mode…. I know my stupid
    mistakes and come h*** or high water I’m not doing it again!

  2. amen. i agree

  3. truth is life changing when you believe it and take action. I get
    it…better late than never!

  4. credit karma is the best been using it for yrs and it does not affect your
    credit they also help you fix it by letting you know what has to be paid
    and what’s affecting your credit.

  5. This was extremely helpful!!! Thank u

  6. “All the houses and land are available to you!”

  7. Love credit karma.

  8. If your cable gets cut but you still have internet, sign up for slingtv for
    one of their 7 day trials. Add all of the channels. They have HBO, Cinemax,
    Redzone, MTV, BET etc. This is temporary of course. Use a greendot/prepaid
    card with like a couple of dollars on it and sign up just in case you
    forget to cancel. That will get you your “fix” for cable while you gather
    your coins to pay the bill. Hope that helps! There is no contract BTW.

  9. awesome, thank you very much ????

  10. Very helpful, many useful tips, this is the first video I watched and it
    earned you a sub.

  11. How to Build Your Credit Quickly: 1)Don’t use beyond 30% of your credit
    limit on the card. 2)Put only small recurring items on the credit
    card to keep it active (Netflix, Hulu, Cell Bills). 3)Signup for auto
    payments to pay the bill in full every month.

  12. very valuable info even for us white guys lol. new subscriber here

  13. Amish and Mexicans are automatically granted credit. All the Amish do is
    handshake. Banks do not require the Amish to sign anything. They
    automatically have 1000 credit. Most people have bad credit because of
    1)divorce; 2)loss of job. 3)medical expenses your insurance don’t/wont

  14. Mexicans have this thing where they can claim “caucasian” status or
    “minority” status. The banks see mexicans as a good credit risk, however
    they see Puerto Ricans and Dominicans same as blacks. the Banks are very
    racists and use race to determine creditworthiness.

  15. If she wanted to make the video, why didn’t she. Her voice coming in from
    the background is annoying. It feels like someone is interrupting a
    personal conversation.

  16. thanks for this vid! your wife and you are very inspiring and lovely

  17. my credit score is 828 and i’m 23

  18. Lol @ asking for popcorn….that’s that Value City!!! This was an AWESOME
    video. I made my kids watch this a few times so they can have a better
    start and future than I did.

  19. It’s called Credit Utilization ratio.

  20. Credit karma is good bc it’s free and you can see your credit report
    monthly…you don’t have to sign up anything..

  21. Contact Twist credit repair, clear debt history and you can also clear
    bankcruptcy believe that… I have 712 as credit score thanks to him… he
    his reliable and he will also teach you with ebook how to maintain your
    score ( twist@cyberservices.com)

  22. heyyy

  23. Having a good credit score starts with having good common sense. Having the
    mentality that credit scores somehow have something to do with your skin
    color is the stupidest mentality I believe I have ever heard in my life.
    The type of person that thinks this way is obviously a racist idiot, that’s
    about as dumb as a box of rocks. If they are that ignorant, then they are
    obviously to ignorant to be responsible in any way, especially financially.

  24. I’ve had creditkarma for 3 yrs–they’ve never done anything shady…

  25. live pass 35

  26. how to get an 800+ credit score is easy, just visit cehcafe(dot)com

  27. increase your credit score on cehcafe(dot)com its quite easy, i have 802

  28. Certified ethical hackers?!? What?? Why??

  29. Shae Brooklyn have you applied to yourself yet?

    THAT …….

  31. Have you found that companies have inquired about your fico score that you
    do not do business with? Is this a bad thing?

  32. IsaacB

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