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This video is a brief description of steps to take to increase your score 100 points in 45 days!

Increase Your Credit Score 100 Points

This video is a brief description of steps to take to increase your score 100 points in 45 days!

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  1. in a public credit and debt system. creditors are the ones giving value. Debtors are the ones receiving value. but all this is discharge by Hjr 192 June 06,1933, and public policy( not public LAW) 73.10 all debts are discharged dollar for dollar. also for ever $100.00 of asset created by banks a equal value of liabilities is created due to a double entry accounting system, where all accounts balance to $0.00 because $100.00 of assets is equal to $100.00 of liabilities. Well what does that means to ME?? if a corporation said you owe us 257.30 that owe you the same. Accept for value the amount and discharged it thru public policies Laws. I did not pass the laws but they do exist. you are the credit for this bankrupt FEDERAL corporation. called UNITED STATES INC. AND WE ARE IN ABOUT 27 trillion to 47 trillion in debt. The rabbit hole goes deep. Lol   

  2. So my school loan went to a collection agency and I started paying it off after a year of it being in collection, are you saying one should not pay off debts that are in collections? Please explain further

  3. Credit reports work based on when you first when delinquent. It has to do with the last time you were late paying. How long It stays on your credit is not based on the first time you didn’t pay. It’s based on the first time you didn’t pay after the last good payment. I might not have that exactly, but it’s something like that. The only thing you can pay off and really help your score is credit cards. Paying off loans doesn’t help your score. Paying off collections has a similar affect. The problem with collections is when you pay them or pay on them, they basically start over. So, it’s almost like it goes from an old collection to a new collection. Your score just sees a collection. Once something goes negative, it stays negative whether you pay it off or not. For scoring purposes a $5 collection and a $5000 collection are the same, so paying it off doesn’t help.

  4. Dam your video is boring! Play some music while your talking or something.

  5. They certainly do but this guy is trying to help you manuver thru a screwed up system.

  6. I had about $6k worth of debt built up and went to jail for sometime. Needless to say I was unable to make any payments at that time. So all my debts went to collection agencies and it was quite a hassle for the next few years but eventually they stopped calling and bothering me. If you wait 7 years your credit score/debts are wiped clean. Its what I did, I didn’t have any credit cards or anything to do with credit for those years and now I have a decent score thanks to new Credit venues I’ve started just this year. 7 years is a long time to wait though if you’re reliant on things you “think” you have to make payments on. Just buy everything cash. And even now I don’t buy anything with a credit card I can’t immediately pay for with cash right afterwards.

  7. Pay your past due account…duh.  Make sure if you have a HELOC its over 40K well its a little late if its already on the report!  I believe everyone already knows that the lower score equal higher interest rates that is why they came to your video to try to increase their score and how to fix it.  If you tell them how good you have been paying they should increase your credit..come on!  Amazing just amazing.

  8. you said never payoff a collection when getting a homeloan? why?

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  10. +Ianta Tash …I heard there is a process to that…some of them may start taking or garnishing your funds…but ask them for your original agreements and last amount paid and send you a statement of the current payments made and when and by whom.. esp..theses people …you know you can negotiate with them to pay a large sum to get it over with ..like for a shorter year or so..for that loan or contact your direct lender first…I am sure they sold the loan to someone for a cheaper price (note flying) ,,,if they dont..the company may can prove that they are working for your lender & I dont see why they wont negotiate the loan for shorter time with a larger amount (ie,,Income Tax amount est.).

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  12. Why would it be bad to pay off a collection and/or judgement if applying for a mortgage loan? If it shows on your credit report and is adversely effecting your credit score, won’t the bank issuing the mortgage loan require you to pay down the debt?

  13. I have a question, now I try to get a home loan but credit score are very low, I have two credit cards that max out… Paying off this months so would that increase my credit score….

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  15. +Siggy114692 YES!!! I’m going through that right now at US Bank! I have paid off in the past 3 months 3 bills that were at the collections agency’s. ((( BUT))) The thing is, I didn’t pay half on any of them. Discover and Visa cards I owed $3500 each and and I paid only $1,240 on Discover and $1400 on the Visa. The collections pay only at most 30% on the dollar for your account. I just told each collector that’s all I am willing to give them. One collector wanted more but I just said “let me talk to a supervisor and told him the same. He agreed after I said I’m not making payments to you just take what I have or I’ll keep it. They want your money especially by the end of the month because they have a goal to reach. -Good luck!

  16. +Siggy114692 I have heard when you pay a collection your report gets updated and sometimes that hurts your score. if the collection was a few years old it probably wasn’t hurting your score that much. but when you pay it get updated as a 0 balance but it updates the balance you did owe. So if they wont do a pay for delete and its a couple years old I would suggest not paying it as well.

  17. Its pretty much impossible to increase your score that much in that little of a time. Unless some one adds you to a credit card that is super old and they have a huge credit limit that they have always paid on time. I raised my score a 100 points in like 5 month by getting a secured card and buying something for 20 bucks a month and they just paying it when I got my bill. I also sent in dispute letters where they have to verify the debts are mine. 22 items got removed because if you have paid the collection accounts they really don’t care to mess with it and usually they get removed quickly. Any collection agencies that wouldn’t do a pay for delete I didn’t pay them nothing. now I have 2 items on my report and they both fall off in a couple years and my score went from 638 to 750.

  18. do you call the company you have the late payments with and ask to remove them or do you call experian, Trans union ect.?

  19. credit repair-pay after results- 855-472-7841- free score & consultation

  20. Cancel card interest too high.

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  22. Interest doesn’t matter. Interest rates are interesting but VOLUME of interest is the only thing that matters. Until you understand this concept you will never be on the right side of finance.

  23. Christie Hartwich

  24. Tax lien from state and federal still on my credit report ! They talking about 10 years ! How do I get them off my credit report ?

  25. The only person benefiting from all this is the lender. All you have to do is research the Federal Reserve and see how it came to be. Their goal back then and to this day was and is to place all burdens on the borrower. It is amazing that one late payment or default sends your credit score down drastically, but takes years to build it.

  26. Demetrius Stump ….exactly….. I just paid off a 167,000 mortgage with Wells Fargo, and it didn’t even raise my score…. the credit companies put “unknown” loan amount and only recorded like 4 months of the 2 years I was in the home…… it because I had 2 inquiries in one month my score dropped over 10 points…… it’s a scam

  27. TWDxKILL3R $167,000 paid off and your score didn’t raise?! Wow. As long as loans are being made, the lender only makes a profit from the interest. That’s why lenders are always eager to restructure a loan…they’re just dragging the process out longer for profit.

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  33. Tamara Dante did this really work??? How much was it??? I have to give my SS#???

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