Jan 292017

Did you know that I raised my credit report over 200 points after a foreclosure, while on joblessness, in a little over a year? Yup! Let me think … you wish to finally boost your credit rating as well as record also? No, I'm not a mind viewers. Every person wants much better credit report. Also individuals with excellent credit scores want great credit report. You're in good luck! During the following 3 weeks you'll find out ways to do the following: Week 1: Credit Knowledge Week 2: Credit Improvement Week 3: Credit Maintenance Final Day: LIVE RICHER The Live Richer Challenge: Credit Edition is for novices that want to be lead step-by-step to personal monetary success. In 22 days this book will certainly help you start to complete your credit scores goals via simple, daily economic tasks. Are you prepared? Let's go. Live richer, Tiffany

Welcome to the 2017 Live Richer Challenge: Credit Edition

The 2017 LIVE RICHER Challenge: Credit Edition (http://signup.lrccredit.com/livericher/), is a FREE, online financial challenge created by The Budgetnista to help women raise their credit scores and clean up their credit reports in 22 days.

Who? You! All women are welcome to participate in this Challenge. Over 200,000 women from all 50 states and over 100 countries are currently signed-up.

When? Now! Sign up to LIVE RICHER here!

How? During the Live Richer Challenge: Credit Edition, you will receive a daily task via email for a period of 22 days (3 weeks). Each simple task will help you to accomplish the following weekly goals.

Week 1 - Credit Knowledge

Goal: To completely overhaul the way you think about credit by changing your money mindset.

Week 2 - Credit Improvement

Goal: To create a strategy to accomplish your credit goals.

Week 3 - Credit Maintenance

Goal: To show you how to maintain your credit once it's improved.


Why? I created the Challenge in response to your many messages requesting financial help. I designed this free, virtual resource just for you.

Learn more and sign-up here: http://signup.lrccredit.com/livericher/

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