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Discussing some standard suggestions on how to become a high credit rating. But once you get a high credit history, what do you made with it? You make the most of it to obtain all the great cash back offers of course!

For Chase Sapphire:
Video clip said spend $2500 however it is spend $4000 very first three months and also obtain 40,000 in points (If you invest the 40k factors on traveling you obtain an additional 25% value). $0 yearly fee first year but $95 2nd so make certain you note your calenders to terminate it before it charges you.

My various other preferred cards I pointed out are:
SallieMae Rewards (Currently had by Barclaycard).
Us Bank Cash+.
Integrity Investment Rewards.

BofA bank card: Given that the preliminary publishing of this video clip BofA bank card turned on the attribute to autopay in full. You could now do this via their website.

Become a totally free credit record right here: (not sponsored) is a government mandated website that will not request a charge card as well as is the ONLY accredited web site free of cost credit history reports. If an additional site supplies you a free report, they are attempting to sell you something.

MAJOR warning right here. If you go around obtaining all these credit cards, make very sure you are an accountable credit user first. Otherwise you'll wind up paying the credit card firms instead of them paying you! For instance, do not carry a balance EVER or else you'll pay 12-24% rates of interest. Do not pay late or you'll acquire something like $35 each late charge … ouch!

* Note to Spammers * 8/23/2014 To make sure the integrity of this video and also comments and also protect who ever stumbles upon this video, I keep an eye on the web links as well as remarks. I've been becoming an increasing number of spam messages lately however they obtain immediately flagged anyway. In addition to that, I delete as well as report them all so it never sees the light of day. Mu ha ha ha!

My Credit Score: 848 - Credit Card Hacks and How I got it.

Going over some basic tips on how to get a high credit score. But once you get a high credit score, what do you do with it? You take advantage of it to get all the great cash back deals of course!

For Chase Sapphire:
Video said spend $2500 but it is spend $4000 first three months and get 40,000 in points (If you spend the 40k points on travel you get an additional 25% value). $0 annual fee first year but $95 second so make sure you mark your calenders to cancel it before it charges you.

My other favorite cards I mentioned are:
SallieMae Rewards (Now owned by Barclaycard)
Us Bank Cash+
Fidelity Investment Rewards

BofA credit cards: Since the initial posting of this video BofA credit cards turned on the feature to autopay in full. You can now do this through their website.

Get a free credit report here: (not sponsored) is a government mandated site that will not ask for a credit card and is the ONLY authorized website for free credit reports. If another site offers you a free report, they are trying to sell you something.

MAJOR warning here. If you go around getting all these credit cards, make very sure you are a responsible credit user first. If not you'll end up paying the credit card companies instead of them paying you! For example, do not carry a balance EVER or else you'll pay 12-24% interest rate. Do not pay late or you'll rack up something like $35 each late fee... ouch!

If you have a need to fill up the spending requirements on a new credit card, try Amazon gift card reload here:

Reloading a gift card is a valid way to offset your Amazon purchases later. You buy the card now to fill up the spend requirements, and you slowly spend it as needed when you buy things the next few months. The gift card credit does not expire.

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  38 Responses to “My Credit Score: 848 – Credit Card Hacks and How I got it.”

  1. +Jacob Ashuri You have posted a link to a website I do not endorse. I have
    removed that comment since the site charges $20/month for something that
    you can get for free. I would not recommend such things to my subscribers
    when you can pull your credit score from all three (Equifax, Transunion,
    Experian) for free once a year. is a government
    mandated site that will not ask for a credit card. 

  2. +Xianghui Chen There is no quick way other than time. Focus on using it to
    $300-400ish (safely away from limit) and do auto pay every month for a year
    or two and they will eventually ask to raise your credit limit. You can
    also request a limit increase by calling as well. I don’t know this for
    sure but that is what I will do. If you really try to push it I guess you
    can lower your utilization a month or two before you apply for another
    card. For me, I just applied to all those cards they try to get you to have
    on campus and snag a freebie while doing it. Also, when I had a low limit
    and spent to near the limit, they would notice and raise my limit pretty

  3. +odorf aculep Really appreciate your feedback. I will change the title and
    thumbnail to something that reflects the content more. I think making a new
    video from the comments is an excellent idea. I’ll be putting one together
    in the near future.

  4. +Ionita Heinze Thanks! I appreciate the feedback. I’m trying to put
    together another video on how to improve your score since there was a lot
    of interest in that.

  5. +Daniel McMeekin I cannot withdraw the $200 because I only have $182.71. If
    you will send me $17.29 first I am more than happy to send you the $200

  6. +Joseph Azzato Yup. Never spend what you don’t have is all there is to it.
    Getting points takes time but it’s okay if you enjoy getting extra money
    from these extra curricular finance activities.

  7. +Curious Wars Omg, that’s crazy. Hat tip to you for doing all this and
    getting it all together. You may not owe the credit card company anything
    after such a long time depending on which state you live in. At least if
    the time limit is past then they cannot sue you to get the money back. Your
    credit report is another story. Bad marks on your credit will stay for 7
    years so you might still be incurring negative marks and probably a giant
    balance as the 20%+ APR and late fees has been compounding for years. Check
    your credit report with your SSN first and see what’s in it.

  8. +BeatTheBush Yeah I ended up doing that. Most of it did drop off so
    unfortunately I have no way to pay them back until they contact me lol. I
    would definitely like to though.

    I was glad I looked though because there were like 5 medical bills from the
    same hospital visit that showed up from last year. When I called the
    hospital they said the bill I paid was only part of it and the other bills
    are Doctor bills and other things _. Luckily it is only a few thousand and
    they were happy to work with me. Once I get that off my credit it should
    boost up (they said they would request all 3 credit places to remove the
    negative marks.)

    2 of the places say my credit is pretty bad @ 550ish while one of them is
    a bit better @ 650ish. Not looking like I’ll be able to get a home loan any
    time soon :(. Thanks for the advice though!

    PS: Thanks for the words of encouragement! We all have our crosses to carry
    at some point in life. Mine just came early in life. Hopefully that means I
    get to skip mid life crisis and all that other Jazz!

  9. +Curious Wars Sounds like you combed through your credit report already.
    You can try to dispute everything and if they have no proof because it’s so
    long ago, they will remove the mark off your report anyway out of courtesy.
    Other than that… you can only just use your cards responsibly while
    paying everything off every month to slowly improve your score. Don’t
    forget to periodically ask for a credit increase and also apply for cards
    from different issuers to raise your total credit limit too.

  10. +BeatTheBush Sounds like a plan! Thanks again!

  11. +Helios77711 I don’t get it.

  12. thanks plz. send me your links

  13. That makes sense! A big thanks for your rapid response!!

  14. Thx for the great info

  15. +Top Trends ok we get the advertising NEXT

  16. +Sean Rideau Thanks for the note, I flagged their comment so others will
    not see it.

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  18. great

  19. +Andrew Vegas What’s mail? There’s only Youtube, lol. I have a list in
    video form here:

  20. Which ones have soft inlay??

  21. +Andrew Vegas What do mean by soft inlay?

  22. Tips for first/college card?

  23. A ha! Seems like I already have a video response to *almost* every
    question. For freshman college students, refer to this video: =D

  24. Thanks! (:

  25. Dude… How many cards do you have? Lol

  26. Last I checked its around 20?

  27. Thank you for the information

  28. You’re welcome! =D

  29. Title should be renamed, “how to maximize credit card points”
    Still don’t know how to attain the 848 score

  30. I got feedback on that and made a video just to explain the step to get
    that score here:

  31. Growing up with Asians and knowing the stereotype about Asians, it would be
    an Asian with a 848 credit score lol. Thank you for the tips. Hopefully I
    can get my credit score close to what you have.

  32. Ha! You wish! Your kingdom is deep in debt to the Lanisters. Btw, don’t go
    hunting next week. Danger awaits!

  33. i am a trader too :p

  34. +Afghanrebel you mean equities or credit cards?

  35. equities :p i day trade/swing trade lol

  36. +Afghanrebel Awesome. Just remember to keep track of your performance over
    principle and also as compared with the S&P500

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