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5 Fastest Ways To Increase Your Credit Scores

The 5 Fastest Ways You Can Increase Your FICO Credit Score:

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1 Pay off all of your credit cards each month.
Don't carry a balance and pay off your revolving debt ASAP.

2- Credit inquiries are not good. Every time you apply for credit, your credit scores takes a hit. Don't randomly apply for a new credit card just to take advantage of some silly promotion. It's not worth it

3- Strategically apply for credit. If you are looking for a home loan or auto loan, you can apply with a hundred different banks and the inquiries will only count once. (If this is done in a 45 day period.)

4- Get higher credit limits. Every year call your bank and ask them to increase your credit card limit. This is one of the best ways of improving your credit scores.

5- Do not max out your credit cards. If you find yourself doing this, increase your credit limit or divide your debt to your other credit lines so no more than 40% is being used per credit line.

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