May 252017

This book is a collection of easy, proven methods to assist you to begin the procedure of ending up being financial obligation free. If you have never ever tried to damage free from financial debt before, then these basic steps will work as a plan for your journey. If you have tried before and also failed then this book may lose some light as to why you stopped working and offer you a new and also enhanced method to move forward.

Benefits of a Debt Free Life | Simple Living and Finance

Here are the benefits i've personally experienced from being completely debt free. Paying off debt, particularly mortgages faster than normal and choosing not to take on debts can be a drastic life choice. While there is some sacrifice in the short-term the benefits are huge. I realise what we have done ourselves is not for everyone and i'm certainly not qualified to offer any financial advice for your personal situation. But perhaps finding out what benefits there may be to getting out of debt (or not taking it on) might be all you need to kick start you towards a debt free life.

If you have debt you want to get rid of I highly recommend listening to Dave Ramsey's podcast. While i personally don't think he is extreme enough in the time periods he suggests for paying off mortgages and what-not for my own personal taste, i agree with his general model of paying off debt and building an emergency fund. So check him out!

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