The purpose of this video is to educate and bring to light a strategy that can be used to boost your credit score in a matter of the 30 days. Currently, 30% of your credit score has to do with the of the availability of credit. This is why when you add something like A vehicle, home or even a credit card this can significantly boost your score because you have increased your availability of credit. In the same manner closing or canceling an account can lower your score because of a decrease in your overall availability of credit. Knowing your due date and your report date can definitely impact how you control the information being reported to the credit bureaus. It is important to know that you should only use 30% of your credit until after the report date. In doing so you create the illusion that you know how to manage your credit. Keep in mind that banks only report this information once a month so if you pay during the middle of the month credit bureaus will not know this, therefore, this will cause no impact at all on your credit.

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