Jan 302018

How to take your credit score from 0 to 800: Tricks and tips to increase your credit score higher than you ever imagined
By Joe Correa

If you want to increase your credit score to the highest it’s ever been, you found the right book!
Why do some people have low credit scores while others have high scores? Why are some people constantly denied credit while others always approved?… Read the rest

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Jan 282018

Did you know that only 0.5% of consumers have perfect credit scores? Would you like to be one of them, regardless of what your credit score is current? Credit Score: How to Remove all Negative Items from Your Credit Report and Boost Your Credit Score by 100 Points in 30 Days or Less will reveal credit industry secrets for maximizing your credit score.… Read the rest

Jan 272018

The most comprehensive insider’s look at what every consumer needs to know about their credit score—and most importantly, how to fix it

If you, like so many millions of Americans, are terrified by the daily headlines regarding Equifax and identity theft, and how all of this can directly affect your basic credit score, then this book should be considered as mandatory reading.… Read the rest

Jan 272018

Lekiesha Allen an experienced church leader and credit analyst for over 15 years. Provides practical and Biblical techniques to getting out of debt now. This book is: * Informative * Inspired by God *38 pages * Makes a great Stewardship Bible Study Tool… Read the rest

Nov 172017

Debt is not a requirement of life.If you want to learn how to get out of debt and maintain a debt free lifestyle, then this book is for you !! If you're like most college graduates these days, you are probably saddled with a lot of debt. So much so that debt has probably become such a normal way of life that you barley notice it's there and you can't imagine that it will ever go away.… Read the rest

Nov 132017

Discover A Proven Formula To Get Out Of Debt

This right here is a hot topic! Because everyone seems to have an answer, and yet everyone is in debt. Before I show you the steps, I'd like to make you aware of certain things, and be sure to pay close attention… Read the rest