Jan 152017

colescreditrepair@gmail.com -LOWEST Rates!
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Phone: 1-888-247-9481
Cole's Credit Repair Uses the Fair Debt Collection Reporting Act to FIGHT FOR YOU
Are you a victim of bad credit? Don't know what to do? For those who need a credit repair overhaul, please contact me immediately. Find out how to stop those harassing phone calls with 1 step. I use the laws against the ripoff artists to win in this business. Let me help you repair your credit & seek the freedom you deserve. Can help remove late pays, credit card debt, current debt, old debt, medical bills, bankruptcies, foreclosures, loans & more! IF they can't prove the debt, it must come off by law! Get PERSONALIZED service! PROMO SPECIAL-$199 for 3 months of service! NO fees, no monthly payments! IF we don't remove at least 1 account, YOUR SERVICES ARE FREE! Referrals welcome for 30 days free. Get a new ss number or FREE. Pkg details $250
Cole's Credit Repair explains her service to help you increase your credit score

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