Get Out Of Debt: 5 Crucial Lessons To Eliminate Debt, Start Accumulating Cash And Building A Solid Financial Future For You And Your Family

Get out of Debt: 5 Lessons you must take right now!

Depending upon your specific circumstances, there are distinctive ways to deal with escaping obligation. How about we examine them right now so you can choose which approach will work better for you, in view of where you are monetarily at this moment.

If you have been paying your bills on time and have a good credit record (and want to keep it in a good position), and you are working and have a monthly income, then you can follow the plan outlined in Part 2. of this book – Credit Counseling or Debt Settlement will not be a good choice for you.

If your accounts are past due and you cannot make the payments, then the Credit Counseling (also commonly known as Debt Management or Debt Consolidation) or the Debt Settlement might be a good choice for you. You can go to Part 3 for more information on these services.

It’s important to note that there is no magic bullet that will work for every debt situation. In any case, remember that much of the time, cash issues are NOT the consequence of budgetary issues but instead an aftereffect of how we think.

This may sound esoteric to some people, but when you think about it you will realize that it is true. For example, take any self-made millionaire, somebody that went from poverty to millionaire by himself or herself. If you were to take all their money away, do you think they can make it back? You bet! The reason is that they have a different set of beliefs about what is possible in life, they think differently than most people.

And when you consider that most people that won the lottery lost it all within just a couple of years, then you can see that how we think and what we believe is possible for us makes all the difference in the world.

I don’t believe in luck. I don’t believe that we are like a leaf in the wind that goes where the wind blows, with no control whatsoever over what is possible. I used to think that way, but not anymore. I believe that we are all in charge of our lives and in charge of our destinies. And I invite you to try this approach in your life, and discover that in reality, you truly are in charge of your destiny. Anything is possible for you, no matter how the economy is doing or what is going on around you.

This is the main reason I included the section about how to change your limiting beliefs in this book. Even if you manage to get out of debt without changing your beliefs about what is possible for you, then there is a very high chance that you may get back in debt in the near future. And I sincerely want you to live a successful, happy life that I strongly believe is your birthright.

There is so much abundance around us all the time, yet we fail to appreciate it. Instead, we are taught from an early age that all supplies are limited. Limited jobs, limited opportunities, limited money, limited everything! Then no wonder when we analyze our belief systems -see Part 4- all kinds of limiting beliefs start popping up that we never knew we had, but we have been blindly guiding everything we did in our lives since we were little kids.

I sincerely want you to become debt-free as soon as possible, because I believe that being in debt is being in financial slavery. It limits everything you do in your life going from whether you will send your kids to private or public school and the education they will receive, the area of town and the house you will live in all the way even to the medical insurance you will get! When you are in a good financial situation, you have many more choices available to you. Living in poverty is NOT the solution to the world’s problems.

Now it’s time to begin your journey. If you are ready to become debt free and live a financially stress-free life, turn the page over to Part One, where I discuss what credit is and how it can either destroy you or make you rich, depending on how you use it. You will learn