May 112017

"How could I have been so silly?" That was Jen Pattison's frustrating idea when reviewing a lot of years of living on the side with overspending and also handling credit scores payments. Everything collapsed when an unforeseen situation occurred in her life. This is an acquainted story for lots of people, as well as she will help to lead you from the financial obligation issues that have blighted your life with sensible options and also means to save cash. She will help you to think even more deeply regarding what led you right into overspending, by casting an important eye on the insecurities in modern-day British life and also the refined and insidious forces that attract customers right into costs on points that they do not need – aspects that prevail in other nations as well. This is a phone call to every person battling with debt to break without this hell– becoming debt-free will certainly free you, boost your life and you will certainly never ever recall. Regardless of how much you owe, you can do it!

Walk Away From Your Debts - Don't Pay Debt Collectors

If you're being sued on a debt and need to know how to answer or what to do:

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I see a lot of stuff on the internet about "walking away scot free"
from debt, and people sometimes ask me if my materials
will help them do that. Well, maybe yes, maybe no.
I always say there's no free lunch, and I really,
really mean it. Looking for something free, cheap
or easy is the way you get in trouble.

It's the mindset
that con artists use to take advantage of you,
and there are a lot of them out there!
Don't be their victim.

So let's take a quick look back at what I'm saying.
Let's say you have rung up $20,000 worth of debt
on credit cards, but now you are back to work.
You could pay them off... but of course it is inconvenient
and difficult. It involves sacrifice.

What should you do? Try to ditch the debts?
Hope they'll go away?
Look -- you probably could make them go away
without paying them, but...
That isn't necessarily in your best interest.

Let's leave the morality out of it -- although
I do get a lot of comments and harassment from
people outraged that ordinary people get out
of paying their debts. I think if they'd use a little
of that energy on the people who are really ripping
us all off -- like the banks -- they'd be doing better.

But the question is, what is better for you? Making
the sacrifices so you can pay your creditors?
Or doing the things you would need to do to avoid
paying them? If you have the choice, this is a no-brainer.

I'm saying you have the choice if you can do it responsibly.
Food for the kids, basic necessities... these things
are not really optional.
Cable television or expensive nights at the club
are a different story. I strongly suggest that if that is
your choice, you make the sacrifice.

So what would you do to avoid paying and hope to get
out of paying for good?
Let's leave out dying, for obvious reasons, and bankruptcy,
because that doesn't take care of a lot of debts
and also damages you for ten years.

If you were going to avoid paying, the first thing you
would do is just stop paying. Don't talk to anybody,
don't pay anything, and just... get away with it
as long as you can.
Change jobs, move... that sort of thing
might eventually become advisable.

I seriously have people tell me they plan to do just that.
The problem is that there's another, very high
price to pay for that. It is largely invisible from
"this side" of the veil. You know what I'm talking about
if you have had to stop paying -- you already know
how high the price is. Would you do it voluntarily?

All you have to do is need a rental car one time
to know how big the gulf is between the haves
and have-nots. Don't go there willingly!
There's an old saying -- the road to hell is easy,
but the return is all but impossible.

It isn't impossible, and if life sent you there,
you didn't really have a choice. If you made mistakes
to get there, just think of it as a sort of inherited
disability -- inherited from your "previous" life.
Lots of people have it worse. Get over it and deal
Make good choices every time you can.

I've been talking about original creditors here.
If your debt is in the hands of the debt buyers,
you've already paid most of this price.

If you can pay an original creditor to keep the debt
from going to the debt collector, that normally
makes much more sense than paying a debt collector.
You would need to look very hard at every dollar
you wanted to give them. How old is the debt?
how long has it been since you've paid?

You want to make sure every dollar you spend does the
most it can for you. We have books on debt negotiation
that might help you here, and on credit repair
that might help you fix your credit,
- and you know we help you protect yourself in court.

Just remember, there's no such thing as a free lunch.
Again, make good choices every time you can

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