Oct 302017

If you were ever wondering how credit scores work or how to raise/increase your credit score, you must watch this video. I explain how FICO credit scores work and what makes you have a high or low credit score. I also explain tips and tricks and explain how you can go about building your credit properly so that you can take advantage of all the amazing things good credit handled responsible has to offer!

I really hope all of you take your credit score serious and make a real effort to build your credit. A lot of people are ignorant about this topic, given they don't think they can control it or its just real boring in general, but as you will see in the future, it is very important to business and entrepreneurship. If you have good credit, you can attract some pretty cool opportunities! Now I am not a professional credit advisor, so consult with a proffesional, but I am just giving you my tips and the steps I took to build a solid credit score which averages between 700-800. Now FICO credit scores are different from experian and transunion, however FICO is used a lot more.

Like I said if you guys want me to set up a number to take your calls and put them on youtube I would be honored to get to meet some of you and answer your questions!

lastly, PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE share this video, a lot of people don't know about this stuff or it is packaged in much more boring ways. Encourage people to learn about this so they don't get taken advantage of. Even for yourself, imagine how many people don't take this stuff seriously, you will have a huge advantage if you do!

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