Dec 102017

100% or 0% Utilization? How about 1% or 0.2% credit card utilization ratio. Which are you supposed to to? 30%?? It turns out the optimal method is to owe a very small amount on the statement closing date. For most comparability for most credit card types and credit bureaus, owing $2 is the magic number that you can apply to all your credit cards.… Read the rest

Nov 222017

How to interprete your credit scores?

credit repair letters that work

You should understand that your credit scores are calculated individually by the three agencies and your scores may not be the same due to variation of your credit history with different agencies. Below is the interpretation of different credit score range.

720-850 – Excellent – The best score range and best financing terms.… Read the rest

Nov 082017

In this video, I share what credit utilization is and how to manipulate it to portray a better image of you. Doing so, will not only improve your credit score, but also enhance your chances for being improved for more credit and bigger credit lines.

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Oct 152017

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Links below for starter cards! Playing the long game with credit score. We recently made a post about how to aggressively increase your credit score in the short term, but what’s the best way to increase it in the long run?

Credit Karma:

Recommended cards:
Chase Freedom: $0 annual fee, earn $150 after $500 in spend within the first 3 months

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Oct 032017

How to get a high credit score. It could take 9 years to get a perfect 850 credit score.
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Keep your cards organized: Filmed on this: Click "SHOW MORE" for full list of camera gear.

Why a perfect credit score doesn't matter:

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Sep 262017

What if your credit score is pretty good already at 700+ but want to improve it further? You may be paying off your bills on time already but there are active things you can do to boost your credit score further. Signing up for more cards while keeping them active is one of the ways to do so. Watch for many more methods to improve your credit.… Read the rest

Sep 222017

Here are 7 proven ways to boost your credit score. Some are slightly against conventional wisdom but I show them because they work.

1. Comb your credit report as described here:

2. Pay before the statement date:

3. Max out low limit cards and pay it off:

4. Get more cards from different banks. Same video as 1.
5. Get more types of credit:

6.… Read the rest

Sep 142017

Have lots of cards and want to improve your credit score further? Keep them active, let me show you several easy way to do this while earning some pocket change.

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Sep 022017

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We have a lot of content about different credit cards and how to optimize them, so how do you increase your credit score in the short term to qualify for premium cards?

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I'll provide you with some tips on how to increase your credit score so you can get the financing you need to succeed.