Dec 042017

How to removed negative items from your credit report. What to do with your credit when you've just got your first credit card.

Get a free credit report here: is a government mandated site that will not ask for a credit card. (not sponsored) .

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Nov 162017

During this short webinar, I am going to explain to you how you can get an unsecured credit line of $5,000 to help boost your credit score. This account reports to all three credit bureaus as well. 

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For only $99, Club members enjoy the following top 10 benefits:

– Easy Approval
– Establish Credit As You Shop
– Up to $5,000 of Available Credit
– A Low 19.9% APR
– Flexible Payments
– Low Cost Membership Fee
– Name Brand Jewelry
– Members Only Discounts
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– New Jewelry Added Daily

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Oct 302017

If you were ever wondering how credit scores work or how to raise/increase your credit score, you must watch this video. I explain how FICO credit scores work and what makes you have a high or low credit score. I also explain tips and tricks and explain how you can go about building your credit properly so that you can take advantage of all the amazing things good credit handled responsible has to offer!… Read the rest

Oct 262017

Hope you guys enjoyed these tips to increase your credit score and to start building your credit at a young age 🙂

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Oct 212017

Rules for Credit Card Use to Increase & Maintain an Excellent Credit Score:

Most people don't know that 35% of your Credit Score comes from use of Credit Cards.

Yes, that means you have to have Credit Cards and use them WISELY, otherwise you could be damaging 1/3 of your score!!!

Here are 7 rules that will help you INCREASE & Maintain an Excellent Credit Score:

1) Have no more than 3 to 5 cards (preferably not dept.… Read the rest

Sep 262017

What if your credit score is pretty good already at 700+ but want to improve it further? You may be paying off your bills on time already but there are active things you can do to boost your credit score further. Signing up for more cards while keeping them active is one of the ways to do so. Watch for many more methods to improve your credit.… Read the rest

Jul 072017

7 Items to consider to obtain a high FICO credit score and tips on how to negotiate the creditors and credit reporting agencies.

Get a free credit report here: (not sponsored) is a government mandated site that will not ask for a credit card and is the ONLY authorized website for free credit reports. If another site offers you a free report, they are trying to sell you something.… Read the rest

Jun 132017

For more information on how to build credit, visit

Whether you're a young adult applying for credit for the first time, or you just haven't used credit in a while, when you finally do want to get credit it can be a frustrating process. You need a credit history to build credit, but no one will approve you for new credit without a credit history — a chicken and the egg scenario.… Read the rest