Nov 092017

Today's question is: How does a large balance transfer affect my credit score?
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Many credit cards have introductory balance transfer offers that are quite cheap. You'll need better credit to qualify for these cards. What happens to your credit when you open a new card and transfer one or more balances onto it?… Read the rest

Oct 082017

Today's question is: Does Opening A New Credit Card Hurt My Credit Score?
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Several things happen when you open a new credit card, which could potentially increase or decrease your credit score. You'll be generating hard inquiries on your credit reports and also decreasing the average age of your accounts, which will both lower your score, but you'll also be increasing your total amount of available credit, which could improve your score.… Read the rest

Oct 062017

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Jul 232017

Today's question is: Does having a 0% credit utilization hurt my credit score?
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Is it true that having a 1% credit utilization is better than having 0%? What's the difference between the statement closing date and the due date? When should I pay off my credit card balance?… Read the rest