Jan 062018

The question surrounding the credit score for an FHA loan can sometimes get a lot of different and conflicting answers. Here's a quick tutorial on explaining the minimum credit score needed for an FHA loan as well as some free tips and advice.

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Dec 242017

How to Improve Your Credit Score

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Nov 162017

During this short webinar, I am going to explain to you how you can get an unsecured credit line of $5,000 to help boost your credit score. This account reports to all three credit bureaus as well. 

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For only $99, Club members enjoy the following top 10 benefits:

– Easy Approval
– Establish Credit As You Shop
– Up to $5,000 of Available Credit
– A Low 19.9% APR
– Flexible Payments
– Low Cost Membership Fee
– Name Brand Jewelry
– Members Only Discounts
– Fast Reliable Free Shipping
– New Jewelry Added Daily

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Nov 142017

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Real case study report of how Authorized User Trade lines work and how they can raise your FICO score and build positive credit history, to get the BEST FICO SCORE POSSIBLE.

Our Services are:

Credit Inquiry Removal,
Authorized User Trade lines
Credit Repair

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Add Authorized user accounts with positive history!!!
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Nov 092017

Today's question is: How does a large balance transfer affect my credit score?
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Many credit cards have introductory balance transfer offers that are quite cheap. You'll need better credit to qualify for these cards. What happens to your credit when you open a new card and transfer one or more balances onto it?… Read the rest

Nov 072017

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“Know the Score” is a video series featuring personal finance expert, Farnoosh Torabi focused on building credit health awareness. Follow Farnoosh as she talks to consumers about key aspects of their credit and breaks down what consumer need to know around credit scores, credit reports and more.

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Oct 172017

Quick Tip Tuesday #1 – November 10, 2015

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In this video I talk about credit score hacks that are so simple and very few people think to use it to increase their credit score.

I highly recommend that you use this in combination with actually paying down your credit cards.

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