Jan 182018

Hey all!!! Here are some easy ways to help raise your credit score.. I used these methods to jump from 300's to 750. No tricks, my personal experience shared in this video!!!

Free yearly Credit Report–

Credit Karma—

I hope this video helps a few… Thank you for watching!!!


Oct 022017

Here are 4 ways I can help you now…Get approved for your home loan online in about 3 minutes

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Jul 272017

First time buyers: great tips for building a credit score that a lender will love. Building a good credit score will allow you to qualify for better interest rates and give you more choices and buying power. Blair Warner, Credit Counselor with Upgrade My Credit, has some very good advice in this video. Contact Blair Warner, 817-886-0302, our via his website,
And, of course, if you're looking to buy a home in Maryland, please give us a call: Chris and Karen Highland – 301-401-5119.… Read the rest

Jul 222017

If you've been working on improving your credit, it helps to know your credit score — but do you know whether you have a good credit score or not? Here's how to tell.

You can track your credit-building progress by getting your free credit scores on Credit.com ( ). Your scores are updated every month, and you get an action plan with steps you can take to get your credit into better shape.… Read the rest