Dec 122017

An easy breakdown of the New Vantage Score 4.0 changes and how they will affect Credit Karma, Credit Sesame, Credit Wise, & Wallet Hub.

Recorded by Certified FICO Professional and Approved Partner Calvin O'Neal Russell Jr.

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Dec 102017

100% or 0% Utilization? How about 1% or 0.2% credit card utilization ratio. Which are you supposed to to? 30%?? It turns out the optimal method is to owe a very small amount on the statement closing date. For most comparability for most credit card types and credit bureaus, owing $2 is the magic number that you can apply to all your credit cards.… Read the rest

Nov 182017

In today's episode of Talk Money With Tonya, we discuss how to use a secured credit card as a means to increase your credit score.

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Using a Secured Credit Card to Increase Your Credit Score

Nov 162017

During this short webinar, I am going to explain to you how you can get an unsecured credit line of $5,000 to help boost your credit score. This account reports to all three credit bureaus as well. 

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– Easy Approval
– Establish Credit As You Shop
– Up to $5,000 of Available Credit
– A Low 19.9% APR
– Flexible Payments
– Low Cost Membership Fee
– Name Brand Jewelry
– Members Only Discounts
– Fast Reliable Free Shipping
– New Jewelry Added Daily

What are the requirements to qualify for a club credit account of up to $5000.00? … Read the rest

Nov 042017

Get three key tips about how to increase your credit score. This includes building good credit, how to improve your utilization ratio, and the big factor is removing damaging items on your credit report. For more check out an article at:

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Oct 302017

If you were ever wondering how credit scores work or how to raise/increase your credit score, you must watch this video. I explain how FICO credit scores work and what makes you have a high or low credit score. I also explain tips and tricks and explain how you can go about building your credit properly so that you can take advantage of all the amazing things good credit handled responsible has to offer!… Read the rest

Oct 222017

Will paying off your auto loan increase your credit score? Well, it depends on your situation. See Part 2 here:

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Disclaimer: This video provides general information about credit and is not intended to advise about your personal financial situation. Consult a financial, legal or other professional adviser.… Read the rest

Oct 012017



Many people around the US have an idea as to what their credit score is because some of you buy into these credit monitoring systems online that give you a score.The fact of the is there are multiple credit scoring systems that calculate your credit differently depending on whats reporting on your credit report.… Read the rest

Sep 262017

What if your credit score is pretty good already at 700+ but want to improve it further? You may be paying off your bills on time already but there are active things you can do to boost your credit score further. Signing up for more cards while keeping them active is one of the ways to do so. Watch for many more methods to improve your credit.… Read the rest