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– Watch the rest of the credit repair report video. Learn how to improve your credit score. Kick ass advice by free credit score insider.

Sep 152017

The 7 STEPS TO A 720® CREDIT SCORE program was created when mortgage broker Philip X. Tirone noticed that good people with good intentions were consistently turned down for home loans. Those who did qualify often paid unnecessarily high interest rates. On a $300,000 home loan, a person with a poor credit score could pay as much as $212,040 extra over the course of 30 years.

This is simply unacceptable. 7 STEPS TO A 720® CREDIT SCORE exposes the rules of the credit game, allowing countless Americans to increase their credit scores and save hundreds, sometimes thousands of dollars in interest payments. 7 STEPS TO A 720® CREDIT SCORE is a credit-improvement strategy based on patterns of change identified by studying tens of thousands of credit reports. Available to the public, the system is also used by real estate agents, mortgage brokers, investment advisors, and accountants across the nation to help borrowers save money, qualify for the best loans, and reduce interest payments.
An expert in residential home financing, Philip X. Tirone has a unique background in difficult-to-obtain loans, having started his career working with borrowers with stated incomes and/or poor credit scores. With this foundation, he became a specialist in the credit-scoring process, authoring the book, 7 STEPS TO A 720® CREDIT SCORE, as well as the bestselling workbook, APPLYING THE 7 STEPS TO A 720® CREDIT SCORE.

Philip is the founder of the Mortgage Equity Group (the MEG) and specializes in educating borrowers and helping them increase their credit scores so they qualify for the best loan programs available. The MEG is a non-traditional mortgage company composed primarily of team members committed to providing each homebuyer with specialized time and services unique to his or her needs, complementing traditional mortgage services with innovative programs aimed at reducing mortgage payments and maximizing buying power.

Philip's commitment to educating homebuyers prompted him to create the 7 STEPS TO 720® LICENSING PROGRAM FOR PROFESSIONALS in which he trains other mortgage planners and industry professionals on consistently outperforming the market by helping clients improve their credit scores. As well, he established the 7 STEPS FOUNDATION, a charitable fund that allocates resources to help low-income and underserved Americans increase their credit scores. Philip has an uncanny ability to develop innovative strategies to simplify the mortgage process. As a frequent guest lecturer at the University of California Los Angeles, Philip has authored and delivered numerous speeches about avoiding the "Mortgage Lifestyle Dilemma," a phrase he coined to describe an emotional buying decision that results in overextension and a life that revolves around high mortgage payments.

Philip and his programs have been featured in the Los Angeles Times, New York Times.com, Wall Street Journal, Newsday, Woman's World Magazine, San Francisco Chronicle, Bottom Line Magazine, and Bankrate.com, among others. He was recently featured in the New York Times bestseller, Secrets of the Young & Successful. In 2008, he will be featured in Dan Sullivan's forthcoming book, Industry Transformers, which identifies eight individuals who are having a profound impact on their industry by creating meaningful ways for their clients to bypass the bureaucracy and the red tape most consumers face.

May 182017

– How you can Increase Your Credit rating Fast

The economy today is scary to virtually every person from the top middle as well as lower ranks family members the worst part concerning the economic climate essentially is not the economic situation however instead the credit history situation. This is why I needed to share the service of ways to elevate your credit report fast. The ordinary credit rating has actually dropped over the previous few years to the high six hundreds that makes it hard for individuals to get the important things that they require and makes our costs a lot more costly. Today i will share 3 simple steps that will discuss the best ways to raise your credit score fast as well as start having financial control in addition to just how I repaired my credit rating quick.

Step one check your record it's complimentary so why not take a few mins to get all three credit scores reports from the bureau's to make certain that every little thing appreciates par. Often blunders can show up on your credit rating record that will certainly impede your score without you even learning about it. This has additionally helped individuals capture identification theft transactions that they would not have actually understood about unless they inspected it extensively. You must be examining to earn sure that the equilibriums are correct which they are not improperly noted as unpaid. Additionally keep an eye out for purchases that you never ever made or do unknown about.

Tip two in discovering the best ways to raise your credit rating quick:
Next in line is to really settle your financial debts which means having just one single debt as opposed to several. The advantage of this is that you get reduced rates of interest and that you'll have a much reduced opportunity of actually neglecting to pay among your costs as it is all easily in one location under one creditor.

Step 3: Stabilize the financial obligation proportion- Individuals have the tendency to believe that it is necessary for them to remove all debt in order to raise their credit rating however that is not possible for every person unless you simply happen to have an overflow in your checking account. Primarily simply balance out the debt proportion made use of to the balance caps on your bank card or finances don't max them out attempt to keep your balance under half of the permitted credit report total amount. This makes you appear like you're handling your credit scores well and also not contemporary costs every penny that you don't have

Step 4 in finding out how you can increase your credit score fast: Mix it up – A crucial to actually having a credit rating is to have credit score yet you need to have various sorts of debt. Try to have installment loans, credit cards, fixed settlement loans. The important things concerning this action is to keep control of yourself while doing it. Do not spend more than you could handle and make certain to remain well below the cap that the loaner gives you just keep a wonderful balanced combination of the kinds of financings to show that you can manage working with various sorts of credit rating. Do not obtain me wrong rapid credit scores fixing is hard work as well as can be a little difficult at times however it will certainly settle really promptly when done effectively. There can be major rises in your credit rating within just a matter of months or even weeks depending on just how hostile you become about repairing your credit rating. Also keep on your own enlightened on your financial resources. This is the very best kind of education that any person could have in learning the step by step actions of the best ways to increase your credit score quick.

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– Andrew Watso needed to repair his credit score to qualify for a home saving refinance. Hear how his credit score improved almost 100 points in just 45 days earning him a 700 credit score. TERMS OF USE

*Important: While the testimonials and other information on this website may be exciting, HowtoFixMyCredit.com promises only to perform the steps we've agreed to in each client's case and to charge each month only for items removed from your credit. No outcome is promised. Your results will vary.

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Credit repair secrets! How to raise your credit score EASY and QUICK! Whether you're looking to get a mortgage, alter your budget, lower your interest rates, or delve into a new career. You'll no longer fear a credit check!

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