Jan 272018

Lekiesha Allen an experienced church leader and credit analyst for over 15 years. Provides practical and Biblical techniques to getting out of debt now. This book is: * Informative * Inspired by God *38 pages * Makes a great Stewardship Bible Study Tool… Read the rest

Oct 262017

Are you overwhelmed by debt collectors and bills that you feel like you can never pay?
Do you have a hard time figuring out which bills to pay and which ones to let go each month?
Have you ever thought that things would be fine if you just had a few extra dollars each month?

If you answered yes to any of these questions then this book is for you…… Read the rest

Apr 062017

Saving Loan is hard however many people eventually in their life need money making a down payment on a home, to pay the initial and last months lease, a loan to start a company, purchase furniture, acquire a car or pay college tuition or a down payment for an apartment or various other huge purchases.

Have you ever wondered how a freshly gotten here immigrant take care of to scrape together enough loan to open a shop?… Read the rest

Mar 242017

Legislation of Attraction Secrets for Making Money: Master the Science of Making Money and Getting Rich (Make More Money, Save Money, Get out of Debt, Retire Early, Self Transformation, Manifesting, Manifestation, Miracles, Personal Transformation).… Read the rest

Mar 232017

Leave financial obligation FASTER! consists of:

-Tips and also techniques to decrease your regular monthly costs so you can repay your debt faster.
-Ideas for boosting your revenue.
-Mindset methods that will certainly urge you to adhere to your debt free trip.
-Debt snowball design template as well as directions.… Read the rest

Mar 132017

Leave financial debt: How I repaid my 50k financial obligation as well as you could also is the overview I wish I had growing up to assist me find out more about money and exactly what I was investing.

Unlike several of the various other individual finance guru's ruling the shelfs and the net, I'm not a self-confessed money conserving specialist as well as I'm not a monetary wizard that learned their profession on Wall Street.… Read the rest

Feb 112017

James lost a lot of years managing bad credit score, yet he removed it out using this book. You do not have to waste money on lawyers and also credit report fixing firms. The supersecret is disclosed within this publication as well as ensured to function always. This book will certainly educate you an exceptionally simple treatment which experts are using whereas they bill you thousands of bucks.… Read the rest