Jan 042018

They say time heals everything. But when it comes to your credit score, time could be the trick that delays your progress if you're not careful.

Your family and friends have the best intentions, but always keep in mind that if they don't do certain things for a living, seek a professional. Waiting for negativities to be automatically deleted could delay your chances at using your credit to make moves.… Read the rest

Dec 192017

Are you just starting out with credit cards and wonder where you can get a free credit score? There is no need to pay for a score when many credit cards will actually give you the score for free. I say many but not all credit cards provide the score. Here let me show you the many cards that you could get or you may already have that has a free credit score.… Read the rest

Dec 122017

An easy breakdown of the New Vantage Score 4.0 changes and how they will affect Credit Karma, Credit Sesame, Credit Wise, & Wallet Hub.

Recorded by Certified FICO Professional and Approved Bankrate.com Partner Calvin O'Neal Russell Jr.

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Nov 192017

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Credit Score Tips, How to increase your, Credit Score, every month for free!! be sure to stop by www.TheCreditGuy.TV the most important thing impacting your Credit Score is THE DATE, THE DATE, THE DATE; The due date, the late date, the date of last activity, the date of first delinquency, the opened date, the date reported. Dates are very important to your Credit Score but there is one date that will impact your credit score and credit report that no one tells you about.… Read the rest