Mar 252017

Having financial debt is not easy, and getting out of financial debt often appears complex and also hard. Truth is, to obtain out of financial debt all you need is a bullet proof strategy. I have actually owed money myself and gotten out of financial obligation efficiently in less than a year. I think anyone could get out of debt once they choose life of financial freedom. In this book I describe 10 steps that can obtain you out of debt despite how big your financial debt.

10 Tips to Get Out of Debt - Must Watch! 10 Tips to Get Out of Debt - Must Watch!

10 Tips to Get Out of Debt - Must Watch!

In this video I will introduce you to 10 time test tips on how to get out of debt and STAY OUT OF DEBT!

Many people are struggling with their finances in today's economy. Marriages are being destroyed because of financial issues. Money problems is the number one cause of divorce in our society. Families are being torn apart because of money problem.
Get out of the debt trap and start enjoying life again. In this video I will show you how you can get out of debt and start focusing on the things that are important to you.

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My Background:

I've been in the ministry for over 31 consecutive years and have seen first hand the struggles people face on a daily basis. My goal in life is to help people, just like you, to find ways to better themselves and improve their position in life by introducing time tested principles that can work for anyone.

I have five years of experience in the financial planning, and life & health insurance industry. Many years ago, I sold health insurance, life insurance and annuities with a company that specialized in financial planning, maximizing retirement income, and individual savings and investment plans.

I also served for several years on a small, but specialized committee, which was responsible for a regional heath care (heath insurance) plan for a church denomination that covered a three state area.

Over 12 years ago I started an investment property company with a gentleman in my church. We finance homes for struggling families who can qualify through our program.

Last year, I started another business restoration classic cars. My partner is a state certified mechanic and a state certified auto body technician. I am the investing partner,

One of my biggest joys in life is helping others improve their lives.

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