Vince Staples says his credit score is so high he might BUY HIP-HOP

While touring with Logic, Vince Staples stops by KMEL to chop it up with BIGVON. The two spoke about how excited Vince is to have a high credit score and all the greatness that comes with it, "Do you know how much my cable bill is? No installation fees or nothin!.. They think I'm a white guy." He says if he gets his credit score up to 800 he's gonna buy hip hop, going in on a deal with Jay- Z, saying "I got the credit, he got the money!". and even describes what he would do if he did buy it. Vince also talks about how in the beginning of "Norf Norf" many people think when he uses the word bitch he's demeaning a woman but he says he was actually talking about a guy. Vince also expresses his thoughts on doing features saying that he doesn't have as many verses as Lil Wayne or 2 Chainz. He ends by saying he's learned a lot from Logic and G-Eazy, he has new music coming up, and he's going to be doing more TV stuff.

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