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– USDA credit score – Does your credit score qualify you for a USDA home loan? There are minimum credit score requirements for USDA loans…. find out what they are. The USDA RD loans with their No Money Down feature are great for home buyers in rural areas, however there are USDA loan credit requirements. USDA loans expert Sean Stephens of Metroplex Mortgage Service (Florida, Alabama, Tennessee, Texas) shares his expert advice on the credit score needed for automatic approval and manual underwriting options.

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If you are looking for USDA home loan in rural areas in Florida, Alabama, Tennessee, Texas or anywhere else on the USDA loan map, you will need to know if your credit score qualifies you for a USDA loan.

In this video, I discuss the minimum USDA loan credit score requirements and the factors that the USDA consider when evaluating your credit reputation. Some mortgage experts, like Metroplex Mortgage Services, can manually underwrite your USDA loan application if your credit score is not within the range that is automatically approved.
Metroplex Mortgage Services are experts in USDA loans. Request a call back on our website now to find out how we can help you qualify for a USDA home loan. Visit:

We help with Florida USDA loan qualifying, Texas USDA loan qualifying, Tennessee USDA loan qualifying and Alabama USDA loan qualifying.

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